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Amazon Sponsored Products form a vital part of any successful Amazon selling campaign. Our online marketing service concentrates on the management of your Sponsored Products advertising campaign, which is otherwise known as Amazon’s Pay per Click (PPC) program.

Sponsored Products advertising campaigns are an essential feature available to Amazon sellers and significantly helps to promote your products which are listed on Amazon marketplaces. It works by displaying your product listing, including images that are associated with pre-defined keywords and search terms commonly used by users of the website.

When Elevate creates your sponsored product campaigns, specific products can be selected for your targeted campaign, and your advertising will use carefully optimized keywords. Amazon receives money from sellers on a cost-per-click basis.

Our Amazon PPC management team will produce innovative and effective campaigns that will significantly lower your ACOS (referred to by Amazon as ACoS, which translates to “Average Cost of Sale”). Naturally, the result will be an increase in profits for your business. Elevate will begin with more broad-based campaigns designed to capture as much data as possible before we adopt refined campaigns. The more refined campaigns will use high performing keywords and are then matched with the best performing products. It will result in a lower cost per click per transaction.

Improve Your ACOS on Amazon Sponsored Products

Our Amazon Sponsored Products Management Service includes the following features:

  • Comprehensive keyword research and audit
  • Including your products in the most appropriate campaigns
  • Managing and maintaining your campaigns
  • Controlling and adjusting bid price per keyword
  • Formulating monthly sponsored product reports
  • Optimise your keywords and content to match SEO standards

Elevate is exceedingly experienced in developing and managing Amazon PPC campaigns which produce the results that you demand. Sponsored Products allows you to make your products more visible. When implemented and managed effectively, it will prove to be extremely lucrative and will develop product merchandising on Amazon overall. Maximize your Amazon PPC Campaign results with Elevate’s specialist team.

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